It’s always more rewarding to restore a relationship than to run from it.Rick WarrenShare This
Spiritual maturity is for everyone — no matter what your age is. Share This
You don’t have to be a pastor to be a minister. Every member is a minister. Share This
God has a plan, not only for the world, but for you.Share This
Our God is good and his love endures.Share This
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Horace Willard cared deeply for people and always used every opportunity to serve others' needs. He helped make Saddleback Church the place of hope that it is today.

Every victim the Saddleback Anti-Human Trafficking Team is able to rescue from the street is worth the effort.

The death of his parents, and his own battle with cancer left Joseph crying out to God for answers. Watch Joseph’s story of how he’s learning to trust God more every day.

Though it took him a few years to get plugged in, the College Ministry helped Tommy grow in his faith, become part of the community, and find his purpose in Christ.