Spiritual maturity is for everyone — no matter what your age is. Share This
It’s always more rewarding to restore a relationship than to run from it.Rick WarrenShare This
Our God is good and his love endures.Share This
You don’t have to be a pastor to be a minister. Every member is a minister. Share This
God has a plan, not only for the world, but for you.Share This
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After opening their home to pastors from Mexico, Bruce and Cristi were inspired to lead a PEACE trip to help them build their church in a community near Mexico City.

An online campus small group and a local small group in Lake Forest combined their efforts to bring mercy to those in need.

When Thuy and Brandon decided to try for their first child, they had no idea they were about to embark on a long, uphill battle that would push their faith to the limit.

Jey took a big step of faith signing up for a PEACE Trip, but found that God could use his talents to serve others even in a completely foreign land.