Easter Services Feature Themes of Rescue & Hope

04/25/2011 .
Sarah Cruz  .  Staff Writer

This weekend at Saddleback, Chilean miner Jose Henriquez shared his harrowing story of being trapped in a mine with 32 other men for a staggering 69 days. He described to the audience how prayer and his faith in God’s power to rescue brought hope against all odds.

“There’s no way out unless God does a miracle,” Henriquez recalled saying to his fellow miners. “But I pray to a living God.” He told the crowd that these prayers and the reading of the Bible transformed the men as they waited for help.

Pastor Rick Warren also addressed the audience during the weekend’s 11 services, giving what he called the “most important message of any Easter in the history of Saddleback” which he titled The Greatest Rescue.

Henriquez’s story and Pastor Rick’s message showed that Easter is more than a fable and more than a simple holiday. It signifies the Greatest Rescue in history – when Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again.

Many attendees accepted Pastor Rick’s invitation to put their trust in Jesus Christ as the Great Rescuer. If you made this decision, we encourage you to check out our Fresh Startresources to receive encouragement and support.

If you have more questions about Jesus and the Easter story, check out the upcoming Examine the Evidence seminar which will cover the topic “Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?” These candid seminars allow you to ask tough questions and receive honest answers.

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