Daniel Plan Rally Celebrates, Educates and Motivates

Karen Koczwara, Writing Volunteer

Hundreds turned up to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Daniel Plan at the latest rally on Saturday morning. The event kicked off with ten participants taking the stage to celebrate their weight loss victories. Among them was Pastor John Baker of Celebrate Recovery, who lost 70 pounds and has dramatically increased his health.

“The Daniel Plan is a lifestyle. It just makes sense,” said Baker.

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., spoke next, giving the audience ten tools to boost their metabolism.

“I never tell my patients to count calories,” he emphasized. “When they start eating right, their bodies know what to do.” He also reiterated the importance of community. “We are so much better together,” he reminded everyone. “You guys are the seed of something extraordinary.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., chatted with Pastor Rick via Skype, encouraging people to eat healthy foods they love. “If you love it, you’ll eat it,” he said.

Billy Blanks, founder of Tae Bo, the most successful fitness program of all time, got the audience warmed up with a few basic Tae Bo moves. He spoke about the power of our minds. “Your mind and your will are the two best things you have,” he said.

Finally, Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D., gave The Daniel Plan participants five keys to staying motivated, including rallying their family for support and participation in their quest to stay healthy.

Lysa Terkeurst spoke to the audience via video about her journey that led her to write her bestselling book Made to Crave. “We are made to crave God, not food,” she concluded.

The speakers, along with Pastor Rick, joined several chefs on stage as they prepared a variety of healthy breakfast foods, including fruit smoothies and breakfast tacos. Dr. Amen’s wife, Tana, encouraged the audience to pack snacks for their busy days. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” she said.

Pastor Rick concluded the rally by sharing about The Daniel Plan’s upcoming cookbook that he hopes to see completed this year. The book will include healthy recipes, success stories and tips from the doctors.

The Daniel Plan is now a global movement, with international recognition through the press and other media outlets, and participation by individuals throughout the world. If you’re a Daniel Plan participant, we’d love to hear your stories. Let us know about your journey in the comments section below.

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