Life in a Motel Room

07/25/2012 .
Jennifer Ross  .  Writing Intern

Saddleback Church recently collaborated with Project Hope Alliance to display a heart-breaking installation piece on the Worship Center patio. The exhibit was of a 214 square foot motel room that represents the housing many families are forced to take residence in.

The extremely small hotel room represented the temporary housing of families living on a low-income budget. A motel room presents significant challenges to a family: No individual space exists, the available space affords little room to store items and just enough room to walk around. The luxury of a private bedroom? The kitchen is a part of the bedroom. How many people struggle with losing items at home? The few toys, and individual items in a motel room do not have a drawer or cubbie to be put in because of the condensed living conditions.

A look inside the installation’s lack of space was disheartening. Plastic containers were stacked in the corner of the room, filled with each individual family member’s clothes. The containers were labeled with tape to distinguish one identical container from another. These small hotel rooms are not homes but rather temporary living quarters for families that might otherwise be homeless.

Project Hope Alliance is a 501 ( c) (3) non-profit based in Orange County. Project Hope Alliance’s mission is to eliminate the barriers homeless students experience that prevent them from attending and succeeding in school, and increase family stability by moving homeless families into permanent housing. Saddleback Church collaborated with Project Hope Alliance to make church members aware of the struggles many families are currently facing and call members to reach out so that these families do not struggle alone.

Breakfast Together Outreach is a Saddleback ministry that serve the homeless and low-income families. Breakfast Together Outreach currently takes action to serve the homeless and low-income families living in motels by serving breakfast each Sunday in six different communities in Orange County.

Get involved and help make a difference in the lives of families living in motels by attending a Breakfast Together Outreach or by emailing