Career Cafe

11/09/2010 .
Lisa Bee
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What should I do with my life?

How can I practice my interview skills?

How do I build a resume?

I can't get a job.  What am I doing wrong?

Have you found yourself asking these questions lately??

The Career Cafe is a new program of career professionals and volunteers who can help you connect the dots of career and Kingdom purpose. The Career Cafe intends to express the love of Christ for 20-Somethings by helping them succeed in both life and work.  Stop by the Refinery on Sundays 6:00-7:30pm, discuss your successes and frustrations, show us your job hunt materials, receive encouragement & prayer, and eventually discover some pointers for pursuing your life and work interests. The Career Cafe is a workshop format so come as you are. See you soon!


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