Ageless Purpose

Lisa Fontaine

What the mirror revealed about Guang Zheng Yang’s age was quite contrary to the youthful spirit that filled her heart. At 85 years old, she wanted to make a difference in the world but thought that she might be too old to have any significant influence. Guang Zheng was about to discover that her age had no bearing on her life’s significance.

Living in Hong Kong, Guang Zheng had been a Christian for two years and found herself at a spiritual standstill. She wanted to grow in her walk with God, but she was lacking direction and didn’t know what to do next. One day while visiting her daughter, Guang Zheng saw The Purpose Driven Life laying on a sofa. Curious, she sat down, picked it up, and couldn’t stop reading. She was captivated by what she read about how God had a purpose for her life. Who would have thought that at her age, a time when most people were planning for the end of life, she could be starting a new chapter in hers? The book sparked her with inspiration to seek out the next step in her Christian journey.

Guang Zheng decided to attend her daughter’s church—Saddleback Hong Kong—for a weekend service. She instantly felt at home and was moved by Pastor Stephen’s message. It was baptism weekend, and Guang Zheng learned that baptism is an outward sign of her inward faith. She knew without a doubt that this was the next step she was supposed to take, and she was ready to publicly profess the commitment she had made to Christ two years prior.

With legs shaking and a smile on her face, Guang Zheng climbed the four-foot ladder and stepped into the baptism pool. She was surrounded by 200 of her newest friends who were cheering her on as Pastor Stephen gently laid her back under the water and raised her back up. Soaked in water, love, hope, and joy, Guang Zheng opened her eyes and celebrated her life-changing moment.

Now with a renewed spirit, Guang Zheng knows she will never be too old to embrace God’s purpose for her life. No matter what her age, God has given her unique gifts that will enable her to serve Him and make a difference in the world.

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