News & Views 6/25/2011

06/25/2011 .
Pastor Rick


             Why is everything in life so hard?

                         Why does doing the right thing often feel like a battle?


             Because there are unseen spiritual forces working against you! You’re in the middle of an invisible war between good and evil, and Satan foolishly tries to hurt God by hurting his children. The result is often fatigue, frustration, and discouragement in your life.


             My message this weekend is titled “When You Feel Like Giving Up.”  If you know anyone who is feeling discouraged, this weekend is the right time to bring them to church.


             This message is the first one in my new summer series:The Invisible War: How to Win the Battles of Life. I’m going to be sharing the insights from God’s Word that have help me for over 35 years, so I know this series is really going to benefit you.




             To compliment this new weekend series, I’ve videotaped a six-week curriculum on

Understanding & Defeating Persistent Temptations.  I taught this to our staff, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One staff person said “This is going to revolutionize my life. It’s deep!” The DVD will be available in July.




             There is simply no church family on the planet like you! Two weeks ago, I made a simple request: Would you begin to pray about helping with one of Saddleback’s new churches that we will plant across America, around the world, and in the 3,800 People Groups that still don’t have any Christian church?

  • Over 1,300 of you IMMEDIATELY volunteered to be a 90-day “Scaffolding Person!”
  • Hundreds more volunteered to LEAD a Church Planting Team!
  • Over 250 picked up materials to start a NEW small group (our “rabbit” churches)!


             Amazing. Literally amazing. I challenge all other churches to follow your model of service.




             Over 12,000 of you are now participating in our “get healthy in 2011” plan. We’ve lost over 200,000 pounds!!! ... over 4,000 pounds a day!!! has thousands of visitors daily as you check up on yourself, learn meal plans, shopping tips, and exercise advice.  Nearly 2,000 showed up last Saturday for our Daniel Plan Fun Walk & Run and Health Expo. Try our new healthy Daniel Plan menu in our Refinery Cafes. To join us as we get in shape in 2011, go to There is no charge for participating in the Daniel Plan.




             Here are some links to just a few of the recent news articles on our church family:


             ”The Biggest Loser” former contestant celebrates with Saddleback 


             Thousands participate in Saddleback Daniel Plan Fun Walk & Run


             Kay Warren Speaks to National Pastors Wives on Lessons from Suffering


             Like a Teaching Hospital, Saddleback is a Teaching Church




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Assuming God is a myth since we can’t see him is like an ant crawling over a man's shoe thinking "No life on this hill!"


The more you rely on God, the more reliable you'll realize he is.


Music has the power to either remind us of our grief or relieve it.


Behind every sin you commit is a lie you’ve believed.


The more complex a decision is, the more you're tempted to procrastinate. Boil it down to the essence first.


The world doesn’t need a new definition of Christianity; it needs a new DEMONSTRATION of it.






I love you and I’ll see you this weekend!  Bring a discouraged friend.