News & Views 9/17/11

09/17/2011 .
Pastor Rick

Dear Saddleback,

            Your church family will be a key support and encouragement TO YOU this fall season. We’ve planned it all to help you get through these tough times.

To help you manage your finances...

This weekend, we begin a newseries on your FINANCIAL HEALTH. This is module #2 of the Seven Key Areas of Life that we are improving during the Decade of Destiny. Just as I brought in three nationally-known expert doctors for module #1 (improving your physical health through The Daniel Plan), I’ve lined up the best to help you out in this area too, including Dave Ramsey, Dr. Robert Morris, and others. 

Don’t miss my new weekend series on the biblical principles for money management that God blesses. It starts this weekend

Watch this video to hear me explain the series.

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To help you start each day with spiritual energy...  

            Our fall series of Drive Time Devotions with Pastor Tom will focus on the life-changing truths from the Book of Exodus, a book literally jammed with truths you need for getting through tough times. You can get this free daily encouragement at

          In the next News & Views I’ll tell you about even more exciting ways in which we intend to help you in the coming months.

I love you!