News & Views 11/3/12

11/03/2012 .
Rick Warren
Nov. 3, 2012

Dear Saddleback Family,

Ever wondered what it takes…

to get out of a dead-end job where you feel stuck?
to get a promotion over your peers?
to get hired when so many others are competing for a job?

Do you know the SIX most-in-demand traits that employers look for in hiring?

All six are modeled in Joseph’s rise from prisoner to president in Egypt (Gen.37-50).

Don’t miss my message this weekend: “Standing Out At Work: the six traits that get you a promotion” based on the life of Joseph.


  • Blocktober- a huge success! Over 16,000 children and their parents enjoyed on Wednesday night! There were so many new families from the community Here’s the Orange County Register article on it:

  • Saddleback protects widows from land-grabs. Here’s an important Christianity Today article on what our Justice Task Force (a part of the PEACE Plan) has done in Rwanda:

  • Can you pick me out of this Halloween line-up of Orange County residents? (From another OC Register article “Halloween, Orange County Style”