News & Views 4/13/13

04/13/2013 .
Rick Warren

Dear friends, please help us get this word to your pastor and the leaders of all churches that prayed for our family last week . . . in worship services, in groups or classes, and as individuals. We hope it can be read aloud on Sunday to express our deepest appreciation.




From Rick and Kay Warren, their extended families,

and the Saddleback Church family


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

            Kay and I want you to know how much we depended on your faithful prayers for us this past week in the aftershock of the suicide of our precious 27-year-old son Matthew who struggled with mental illness since birth.

We felt your love and we received strength from your prayers during the most painful week of our 40 years of public ministry for Christ.

            Because you prayed for us, we were overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit’s comfort, were able to share the Gospel of Hope in Jesus with many unbelievers around the world, and God was glorified through our personal tragedy. So we cannot thank you enough!

Also, the members of Saddleback Church, your sister church in Southern California, asked that we send thanks to you, your pastor, and all your church family on their behalf. Together we have shared what St. Paul called  the fellowship of suffering.”  When one part of the body hurts, all the other parts hurt too, and you can count on the Saddleback family to pray for you too. We are God’s family and we are in this together!

            Finally, if you’d like to help us raise the awareness and lower the stigma of mental illness, we’d love to add your voice to our petition. Just visit or to add your name and your voice.

We end this note of thanks with the promise of Hebrews 6:10 "God will not forget the work you did, and the love you've showed for him by helping other Christians."   May God bless your church family greatly!