Elder Protection

Purpose Statement

To stand up, step in and show respect for the lives of our older generation -- Leviticus 19:32.

The Elder Protection Ministry is part of the Justice & Trafficking Initiative here at Saddleback Church. Our ministry is dedicated to the education, protection and advocacy of issues that concern our seniors.

We support our senior population so others can benefit from their wisdom and experience. We serve as advocates for their rights, safety and welfare. We train the community to help prevent and protect our elders from various forms of abuse. Ultimately, we are dedicated to helping our seniors leave a legacy by demonstrating respect for their needs, and creating multi-generational mentoring opportunities.


Related Ministries

Local PEACE serves our community in a variety of ways, the military, elderly, the incarcerated, those wanting to leave the adult entertainment industry, homeless, children, partnering with the Orange County District Attorney’s office, local hospitals and schools and we work directly in neighborhoods bringing God’s word to our community in unique ways.