Veterans Ministry

Purpose Statement

The Veterans Ministry of Saddleback Church is a volunteer based Christian outreach that serves local veterans and their families.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our official website to see more in-depth information about our ministry, how we’re impacting the community, and ways that you can get involved.

The ministry provides the following group meetings and outreach:


Outreach/Care Packages: Visiting veterans and providing care packages for our hospitalized heroes at the VA Long Beach Medical Center. Donations are welcome and volunteers are appreciated. Contact Darren for more details (949) 230-2388

VA Disability Claims Assistance: Assisting veterans with VA disability claims. There is no fee for this service and information other VA benefits can be provided. Contact Darren for more details (949) 230-2388

Group Meetings

Groups have weekly fellowship to discuss life experiences, veteran's issues and Bible based topics. Everything discussed in a group is confidential. Often times only another veteran or wife of a veteran can relate to and understand what someone else has to share. We provide one another with hope, encouragement and comradery through Jesus Christ.

Veterans Group for men: Wednesdays at 7pm, contact Raymond for more details (714) 932-5750

Veterans Group for women: Wednesdays at 7pm, contact Eldonna for more details (310) 591-9803

Supporting Wives of Veterans: Saturdays at 8:30am, contact Tracy for more details (626) 827-8671