Workplace Ministry

Purpose Statement

We are committed to facilitating Christian integrity by developing SIMPLE, STRATEGIC and SMART tools to help integrate faith from weekend to workplace.

We know that all of our work, deeply matters to God. Therefore, we seek to equip believers to integrate their faith at work and form meaningful connections with colleagues. As a result, the hope and character of Christ will be reflected in all aspects of our lives.

Research Findings:

Our team, led by incredible volunteers, spent the better part of a year in research. We learned a ton and want to share it with you!

We engaged two phases of research: qualitative and quantitative.

Qualitative research: we interviewed a diverse group of our members, including men and women from every age group. We asked them to share their work story and faith story, and we listened well for the intersections between the two.

Quantitative research: we sent out a 3-minute survey through our small groups and were able to get over 1,100 completed within just two days!

Here’s just a glimpse of what we learned:

  • 95% believe integrating faith at work is important but
  • 85% feel like they’re winging it and have no clear roadmap
  • 75% are cautious in their approach to faith integration
  • 70% have a college degree or higher
  • 60% are worried to be misunderstood or offend their colleague

From this data:

  • We learned that workplaces have become as diverse as the people in them.
  • As a Christ-follower, you are highly motivated to live your life with integrity but when it comes to integrating your faith at work, you may feel like you’re making it up as you go.
  • You want to avoid making others feel awkward.

This research is the basis for the practical tools we’re building for you!

Meet the Leader

Julie Chung

Workplace Ministry Leader at Saddleback Church

Julie Chung has served in ministry since 1999. She married her best friend Sam in 1996 and together, they absolutely love parenting their son and two daughters. Julie spent the early 90’s as a public school teacher as well as owning and operating two small businesses before she felt the call to vocational ministry a decade ago. She also became a certified coach through the Center for Advanced Coaching. Julie passionately believes our work —what we do and how we do it — matters deeply to God. It is this belief that inspired her to pursue a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in the field of Faith, Work, Economics and Vocation.