What are “the purposes” and how do we do them in our group?

10/06/2011 .
Ron Wilbur

Great question! Let’s take a moment for a quick refresher.

In Matthew 22:37-40 and Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus described five purposes for living and these are also the five purposes for every Saddleback small group – worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and mission. The key is to balance doing all five of these in your group over time. That means that your group should strive to grow in each area.

Worship – our lives are meant to be lived as lives of worship, but in your group worship can take many forms, such as singing, reading the Bible out loud, communion, and prayer.

Fellowship – meeting with others to grow together. Every time your group meets you’re doing this purpose. Other ways your group can fellowship is through social activities outside of the group – beach parties, rotating host homes, BBQs, camping trips, sports events and other outings.

Discipleship – growing to become more like Christ. The small group study you’re using in your group is designed to help in this purpose. Other ways include doing a study on a book of the Bible, planning a spiritual retreat as a group, using the Spiritual Health Assessment and group health plan in your group, and discussing spiritual next steps in your group.

Ministry – serving each other and the body of Christ. Your group can help in so many different ways in your church and your group. Are you still doing all the work in your group or have you learned that you're supposed to give it all away so that others can be blessed? Study the six-week SHAPE small group curriculum and get everyone serving.

Mission – sharing the Good News of Christ with others. This can be as easy as making a list of unsaved friends, praying for them, and inviting them to your group. Or, your group can serve in Local PEACE in the community, or even go on a global PEACE trip. The key is to determine where you are now and then commit to taking the next step.

For more ideas on how to do the purposes in your group, browse the other articles in this blog and read 250 Big Ideas, the great idea book every Saddleback attender gets free when you attend Leadership Training 1.