Mobilizing Members For Ministry

12/28/2017 .
Saddleback Church

In our three-year mission to achieve five FAITH goals, we’re interconnecting our growing fellowship through new technologies and training our members to be global leaders in ministry. During the month of December, our web and tech teams focused on these two “I” and “T” goals with the launch of Saddleback’s Ministry Manager.

Now in beta testing, this new tool is a way to steward volunteers and mobilize members into ministries for which they were shaped to serve. Functioning as an app for both computer and mobile devices, Ministry Manager features a check-in system for volunteers, a time-tracker to log hours, and an email platform to communicate with volunteers. For team leaders, there’s also a back-end application that tracks turnover, duration, and over all ministry health.

According to Tori Hall, Saddleback’s Ministry Manager Coordinator, “This new program helps shepherd people toward their calling in ministry. It’s the ultimate tool to connect their SHAPE to ministry opportunities in the church.”

Prior to the release of Ministry Manager, members could take the next step in serving through four ways: 1) by filling out a response card, 2) by attending CLASS, 3) by accessing information through Saddleback’s website, or 4) through SHAPE Discovery Sessions. As part of CLASS 301, members learn how God can use their Spiritual Gifts, Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality and Experiences to minister to the needs of others. After discovering their SHAPE, members can now get plugged into volunteering opportunities through the Ministry Manager website and app.

Unlike previous methods, this newest technology functions more like Mail Chimp with an automation platform, allowing for instant communication between those in various ministries. Not only does it allow for members to email within a group format, but it also aligns volunteers with available roles, tasks, needs, and opportunities to serve. Ascetically, it integrates creative use of fonts, photos, and customization.

“Leaders can create one-time serving opportunities, such as decorating or clean up, and instantly volunteers will be notified of the event,” says Tori. “People can respond and say if they’re committed to serve, which really helps streamline the volunteer process. It’s about working smarter, not harder.”

During this beta testing phase, 20 members have committed to participate in the pilot program and provide feedback. Thus far, reactions have been positive with rave reviews about development, design, layout, and functionality. On click-to-action steps, the web team reduced the number of clicks from 62 to 8, which helps the user reach their destination much faster.

With the official release date scheduled for early spring 2018, there are additional plans to add training videos for volunteers, as well as other actionable steps for members to engage in ministry. Not only will this help work towards our Daring Faith “training” goal, but it will also help “assist people in need” through outreach opportunities.

“Ministry Manager is an amazing tool that everyone will want to use,” says Tori. “Volunteers are ready, the staff is excited, and campuses are begging for it now!”

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