Launch of 19th Campus Success

12/28/2017 .
Saddleback Church

It’s official! Saddleback Yorba Linda launched on December 3rd, making it our 19th Saddleback campus and our fifth to launch out of Daring Faith. At the Grand Opening, 1,533 people attended and nine new believers committed their lives to Christ. As the next step in achieving our “F” goal, this new campus will help reach the one million residents of North Orange County.

Helping unveil the new campus was Pastor Rick who shared a brief message and posed for portraits with visitors after service. Building on that momentum were weekly events including a patio celebration on December 10 with churros and hot cocoa. On December 17, even more people attended for a special gathering with Christmas carolers and holiday treats.

At both events, 600 people turned up for the festivities and several dedicated their lives to Christ. This is in addition to the eight people who were baptized right after Sunday service.

“People from the community are showing up to see what Saddleback Yorba Linda is all about,” says Campus Administrator, America Stancil. “One man stopped by on his way to play golf after seeing the Saddleback signs. He ended up staying the whole service!”

Word of the warm and welcoming atmosphere is quickly spreading across Yorba Linda, resulting in a regular attendance of 600+ people. This includes over 60 children who participate in Saddleback Kids each Sunday.

Welcoming these new members is Campus Pastor Santosh Swamidass who hosts monthly Meet-and-Greet sessions to answer questions and provide opportunities for people to engage in the church family.

With no sign of slowing down, the campus will launch CLASS 201, Saddleback Student Ministries (SSM), and baptisms after CLASS 101 starting in February. This follows the launch of CLASS 101 on January 14, as well as small groups that meet each week in homes across the region. At this rate, leaders are already making tentative plans to add a third weekend service at Saddleback’s newest campus.

“People are really excited that Saddleback is in Yorba Linda,” says America. “One of the things we keep hearing consistently within the community is that the church has a different vibe—one where you can actually “feel” our campus theme of ‘You are Loved’.”

To experience this campus firsthand, and be part of our Daring Faith goal of filling God’s house, visit