PEACE Team Serves Underground Churches

10/15/2015 .
Saddleback Storytelling Ministry

Nina and Kelvin, a young married couple from Saddleback Church, recently took a step of daring faith by joining a covert PEACE trip to the Middle East. They're not your typical missionaries — both work full-time, and Kelvin is pursuing an MBA. So what convinced these young professionals to give a week of their time to a mission in an area known for unrest and persecution?

"The opportunity to travel to the Middle East and work side-by-side in a safe and neutral location with individuals who face great persecution excited me. They had traveled great distances just to speak with another Christian," says Kelvin. "This region of the world is in desperate need of Jesus' teaching and love, and I was honored to be part of that movement."

During the trip, the PEACE team met with underground church leaders who face the real threat of persecution for their belief in Jesus. The team equipped them with PEACE information, encouragement, and Bibles to share with their tribes. Their team was a real, tangible part of reaching some of the world's remaining unreached people groups, one of Daring Faith's five FAITH goals.

"God is great," says Nina. "So often we don't hear about what is happening in the underground church and so the natural assumption is that nothing is happening. That could not be further from the truth. The stories of transformed lives revealed to me that no situation is so far gone that God cannot redeem it and bring good out of it. Being able to see this first hand was awe inspiring, humbling, and encouraging. My hope is that people pray for the Middle East because God is working miracles in this area, and they need our prayers desperately."

More PEACE teams are needed to serve in this part of the world during this great time of need. For more information email

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