Purpose Statement

To create a community outreach in a casual setting to testify to the Gospel of God’s grace. To encourage seekers and believers to participate in recreation, leisure, and sports activities which strengthen their family ties as well as their spiritual, emotional, physical, and social well being.

Karate class (Traditional Shotokan) at Saddleback Church! Strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Learn focus, discipline, confidence and self-defense.

Children's Beginners class, ages 4 to 8 years old 4:45-5:30 pm (parents may participate with their children).

Children's Novice class, ages 9 to 12 will be 5:45-6:45pm.

Adult Class, 7:00 - 8:00pm children ages 13 and over should register for the adult class.

Instructor: Manny Johnston, 3rd Degree Black Belt. For more information contact Manny at saddlebackkarate@gmail.com

Meeting Times (PT)

Monday, Refinery - Half Court

04:45 PM,  05:45 PM,  
07:00 PM  

Thursday, Refinery - Gym

04:45 PM,  05:45 PM,  
07:00 PM  

Related Ministries

The Daniel Plan team arranges a variety of team and individual sports/fitness activities that encourage participation among people with similar interests. Examples include: Basketball, Triathlons, Golf, Badminton, Road & Mountain Cycling, Surfing, Hiking, Karate, Tennis, Volleyball and a variety of fitness classes including Bootcamp, Zumba and more. The classes and activities are always open to new participants and are always FREE.

<p>We invite you to come and explore <a href="http://www.danielplan.com/">The Daniel Plan</a>, a groundbreaking healthy lifestyle program that could change your life, inside and out. The Plan was created by a team of world-renowned Doctors and wellness experts who collaborated to create tools and resources that focus on transforming health in body, mind and soul.  <br> In the first year alone more than 15,000 people lost 250,000 pounds. And weight loss was just the beginning of the story! Additional benefits were increased energy, improved mood, lower stress and better sleep. The program has grown to reach millions of people spanning 190 countries worldwide.<br> Creating big and lasting change always happens best in community. We encourage you to grab a friend, neighbor, family member or colleague and dive into one of our video based <a href="http://store.danielplan.com/">small group studies</a>. We also have numerous other resources to support you, along with a <a href="http://danielplan.com/blogs/">weekly newsletter</a> filled with tips and tools to keep you inspired.<br> If you are looking to connect with others for workout, check out our <a href="http://saddleback.com/connect/ministry/sports-and-fitness/lake-forest">Daniel Plan Sports and Fitness Offerings</a>. And if you&rsquo;d like to consider our <a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/353692014771807/">online community</a>, we&rsquo;d love to connect there as well. </p>