Simulcast Events, Training Videos, Site Rebrand

02/16/2017 .
Saddleback Church

February was an exceptional month when it came to interconnecting our growing fellowship through new technologies. From live-streaming Foundations class, to the rebranding of Saddleback’s website, new projects were released that are making a big impact across our campuses. Check out just a few of the exciting developments below!


Beginning on February 16, Foundations class was live-streamed thanks to collaboration between Teams 101 and 201.By teaching the curriculum on video, members from other campuses could learn the core truths of Christian faith to apply to their lives.

This newly released format of training has brought about a partnership between the video team, the IT team, and all regional campuses. It has also encouraged small groups to live-stream Foundations from the comfort of their homes.

“We've been diligently working with the Tech Team to create live-stream broadcast,” explains Rob Jacobs, Saddleback’s Pastor of Spiritual Maturity. “As we teach Foundations live in the Worship Center, we can also reach existing small groups and enable the course to be taught in the home. This technology is taking Pastor Rick’s vision, and testing it through this biblical study.”

Saddleback campuses that simultaneously viewed the live stream were LA, Corona, Rancho Capistrano, San Clemente, and Newport Mesa. Each session included discussion time and a chance to connect in a small group setting, which makes it an ideal course to foster community.

According to Frank Baker, Pastor of Global Broadcast, “As we begin to live stream Foundations classes and events like MAN UP, we will push to have more of this format in place once we have the Interconnect Room completed.”

Slated to open in the coming weeks, the Interconnect Room will train our growing fellowship using video conferencing and two-way interactive broadcasts with other campuses.

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Foundations isn’t the only Saddleback event that was live streamed. On February 15, Saddleback’s MAN UP gathering was simulcast from our Lake Forest campus. Featuring former Yankee pitcher, Andy Pettitte, the MAN-UP kickoff demonstrated how to be a champion both on and off the field.

Nearly 230 signed up online to view the message, and another 60 men tuned in for the broadcast from Saddleback Irvine South. By inviting the Irvine residents to participate, the event could be used as a catalyst to raise awareness for the Saddleback Men’s community.

“We wanted to engage the unconnected who are not in a small group or part of any Christian community,” says Matt Hom, Men’s Community Leader for Irvine South. “The quality of the video was excellent, and there was a large demographic of attendees from other campuses including Rancho Capistrano and Newport Mesa. Men were engaged, and seemed to enjoy the food, message, and over all experience.”

In addition to MAN UP, last month our Women’s Ministry live streamed their own event, PRAY LOVE LEAD. Hosted at our Lake Forest campus, the live gathering was attended by 1,500 women, and was viewed by hundreds more who tuned in from other campuses. PRAY LOVE LEAD will be held three times annually at Lake Forest, while being live streamed to other Saddleback campuses. Read the full story HERE.

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This month, the Saddleback Kids team unveiled training videos that can be embedded in instructional emails to leaders. This gives SK coordinators an opportunity to equip volunteer leaders outside of their usual training times.

Each month, a new training video will be released, covering a range of topics including: story time for preschoolers, best practices for leading kids to Christ, classroom management tools, empowering student leaders, identifying children with special needs, emergency situations, and welcoming first time families.

“The purpose of the videos is to better equip leaders to connect kids to God and others,” says SK Minister Maddy Clemens. “Currently we are using these videos for existing volunteer leaders, but in the future I envision us using them to train new leaders.”

Since SK volunteers serve on a weekly basis, and already have a high commitment level, the videos act as a convenience tool that allows them to watch where they want, when they want. This new method of training has been efficient, and rewarding in the efforts to help work toward our Daring Faith “I” goal.

As Maddy explains, “In January we had 718 volunteer leaders on the Lake Forest SK weekend team. These videos can now be sent out to those leaders, and any new leaders joining our team.”

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Saddleback is passionate about family, friendships, and finding our calling. One way we aim to foster community is by creating an authentic, vibrant, and fun brand that is reflected in everything from promotional material to our Saddleback website. That’s why our Creative Team partnered with the Tech team to roll out a rebrand of

Unveiled in February, the new look-and-feel was applied to our church website as well as various Saddleback apps. Web Director, Ryan Carson explains, “The site had not been visually updated since it’s release back in 2014. The rebrand in general will better represent who Saddleback is, and those we’re trying to reach such as young families and working professionals.”  

This first broad-stroke application of the rebrand will be followed with a more extensive release after Easter. Included in the larger rebrand effort will be a campus contextualized user experience for people who are plugged into a campus. It will also highlight a new landing page dedicated to first time visitors.  

The homepage will present the 10 Saddleback values, and will serve as a funnel to encourage deeper engagement. Included in the rebrand are brighter primary colors, new fonts, candid photos, and vibrant blues, greens, and other shades that are reflective of Southern California culture.

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