Interconnecting Through Technology

11/26/2017 .
Saddleback Church

Big things are happening to interconnect our growing fellowship through new technologies. This spring, we announced the launch of our Interconnect Room used to train our members with video conferencing and two-way interactive broadcasts with other campuses.

Now, the latest in tech-facility news is the recent unveiling of Saddleback’s recording studio. Prior to the studio renovation, the room—located behind the Worship Center—functioned as storage space for instruments and gear. At that time, Saddleback’s Production Team has already noticed an increased demand for recording vocals but they didn’t have a designated space to meet those needs. Their goal was to create an environment that was more conducive for creating music and recording subjects.

Seeing the potential of the storage space, the Production Team set plans in motion to create a professional studio where they could record musicians, sound bites, radio spots, and Drivetime Devotions by Pastor Tom Holladay. They started by clearing clutter, painting the interior, and replacing carpet. Later they installed acoustic treatments, sound-proof insulation, and new audio equipment for improved recording.

“We built an isolation booth for recording vocals, and a space for Tom Holladay to sit while he records Drivetime Devotions,” says Saddleback’s Audio Coordinator, Zac Gerig. “We also installed a lot of new equipment and technology to improve the recording experience. This allows us to record a larger variety of things than we previously could do.”

Included in the upgraded equipment were keyboards, guitar amps, computer software, microphones, audio gear, computers, and screens. Upon completion of the new studio, Tom Holladay tested the facility by recording Drivetime Devotions. The sound was flawless, and the environment more professional than anything they had before.  

Now, Tom Holladay records his weekly show in the new studio. Saddleback Worship team also uses the space to record EPs, demos, and other singles. When not used for recording, the studio functions as an office space for the Production Team to host meetings about upcoming events and weekend services.

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