I was weak, I was tired and I failed daily! How could I choose to view my problems as if it was all up to me...

02/21/2018 .
Stephanie Barney  .  Saddleback Singles Leadership Team

He’s Got This      

I used to have a framed wall canvas on my wall that in big letters said “You Got This.” It was the phrase a good friend would always use to help me get through some tough times in my life. This phrase was her way to encourage me and strengthen me to overcome what I was facing. I found myself repeating the phrase “You Got This” whenever I felt down or was facing a struggle. It worked for awhile and then the feeling would fade and I would have to repeat it again. I loved the phrase so much that I couldn’t resist purchasing a wall canvas that stated exactly those words, “You Got This,” to remind me daily that I CAN do this. As I sat one night staring at the canvas I couldn’t help but focus on the word YOU, and then it hit me. Who was I to think that I had the power to face anything? I was weak, I was tired and I failed daily! How could I choose to view my problems as if it was all up to me?

I had to change my focus! It wasn’t my strength I was relying on. It wasn’t my power that was carrying me through.  It was God’s power and strength that got me through those tough times. It had nothing to do with me! Our own positive thinking and personal willpower will only last so long and then, like the phrase “You Got This,” the temporary effects will soon fade. Any power or strength that we create will gradually diminish, but if we invite God into our problems we can produce lasting power, strength and change.  Through God working in us we have the ability to resist temptation, gain immeasurable strength and produce lasting change. Nothing is impossible with God!

So as you look back at a New Year’s Resolution that maybe you made and you feel that you are losing steam, evaluate your source. Are you looking within yourself to make the temporary change or are you inviting God into the decision to provide lasting change? Ask God daily for strength, for patience, for persistence, or whatever you are lacking. No goal is out of reach when we partner with Him in our journey.

Now when I look at that wall canvas that said “You Got This” I realize it should have said “He’s Got This.” One evening I actually took a sharpie marker and crossed out the word YOU and wrote HE’S. Its only though God’s strength he gives me that I can face whatever life decides to throw at me and I wanted that reminder on my wall instead.

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