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Purpose Statement

Career Coaching is designed to assist in the development of job search strategies, tools, and personal marketing plans to reduce the transition time for those who are seeking employment.

Career Coaching is designed to assist in the development of job search strategies, tools, and personal marketing plans to reduce the transition time for those who are seeking employment.

Career Coaching meets every Monday night at 7:00pm in CMC 200 - The Extreme at the Lake Forest Campus, unless otherwise noted. Please see dates below.
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  • Career Coaching 1st Step

    This workshop will provide you with an overview of the Career Coaching program and will take a look at God's Will for the vocational direction of your life.

  • Personal Branding

    Conveying your value to a potential employer is paramount. It's something that needs to be recognized by them almost immediately. Knowing how to personally brand yourself in a way that draws attention to your unique set of gifts, talents and experiences is an art form. It's what helps you to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create a strategic marketing plan, develop your personal value proposition and design the tools to communicate it effectively.

  • Salary Negotiation

    Salary negotiation is an important process during any stage of employment and can be intimidating for many. This workshop will provide you with knowledge, tips, and tools to have these conversations regarding salary, health benefits, vacation/sick time, etc. with your current or future employer.

  • LinkedIn

    Did you know that over 80% of all recruiters and employers search for candidates on LinkedIn? It has become a major source for recruiters, employers and candidates to connect. Learn how to grow your personal LinkedIn network, how to search for companies, people and positions, join and connect with other groups and associations and how to tap into the hidden job market.

  • Advanced LinkedIn

    Take it a step deeper and tap into the real power of LinkedIn. Utilize groups, conduct advanced people searches, write blogs, and improve your profile. Take advantage of LinkedIn's questions and answers, company profiles, 2nd and 3rd connections and much more. Learn how to maximize your profile so employers can search and find you on LinkedIn!

  • Resume Writing

    In today's economy, the average HR representative or hiring manager may only spend about 8-15 seconds initially scanning your resume. Most will only review the first third for required skills and experience and may not even read beyond the first page. So how does your resume get attention? Learn how to develop an eye catching resume that makes it to the "Interview" pile. We'll focus on formatting tips to writing a winning resume, how to package and present yourself, write the right resume for the right position and designing a compelling cover letter.

  • Interviewing/Mock Interviewing

    Interviewing is a skill. It takes intentional preparation, the ability to build rapport with others and knowing how to answer questions that may be thrown in your direction with poise and polish. This workshop will provide you with insider tips on navigating the ever so important interview process. In addition to teaching you these skills, we will then record you in a mock interview, so you can see yourself from the interviewer's perspective. Click Here to Sign Up for a Mock Interview

  • One-on One-Coaching

    For the job-seekers and working professionals considering a career change, we provide a one-on-one weekly coaching experience. Our career coaches work one-on-one with individuals on the practical aspects of preparing for your search, as well as spiritually and emotionally to offer encouragement and motivation.

  • LinkedIn to Target Companies

    This workshop focuses on targeting companies specifically through LinkedIn that would be the best potential employment fit for you.

    You will:

    • • Define your job search goals
    • • Create a personalized target company list
    • • Learn where to find information on target companies from various sources
    • • Expand your personal contacts through networking and social media
    • • Use your resume / biography to network your way into your target companies

Job Postings

Info about job postings

We invite you to take a look at the current employment opportunities below. Although this site is updated frequently, it isn’t a guarantee that all opportunities are available at the time of viewing. It is the responsibility of the individual to personally vet each opportunity to determine if it is the right potential employment match for you. Remember God has a plan and a hand in all we do if we surrender to His will.

Employment Opportunities
Post Online Employment Opportunity

Post Online Employment Opportunity

We invite the employment community the opportunity to post W2 (salary/hourly) or 1099 positions on our website. All positions will be reviewed by Saddleback staff prior to going live on this site

Register for Employment Network Mixer

Register for Employment Network Mixer

The Career Coaching Network Mixer is offered the quarterly, bringing employers and potential employees together to explore employment opportunities.

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