Purpose Statement

“The LORD has listened to my request. The LORD accepts my prayer.” (Psalm 6:9 CEB) As a result of God listening to our prayers, we pray for spiritual growth, encouragement, to have a deeper connection with God, and to have that sense of church family with the Saddleback Church campus you attend. Therefore, each campus has Prayer Members dedicated to praying for people attending their campus.

Several ways to receive prayer:

-Online: scroll down below to CONNECT and choose your campus below to submit a prayer request.

If you do not attend Saddleback Church, select Lake Forest campus and select “I do not attend Saddleback.” We will still love to pray for you.

-Weekend Service Connection Card: when you attend a weekend service write in your request on the CONNECTION CARD in the section, “How can we pray for you?” and give it to an usher or drop it in the offering plate.

-In Person After Each Service: Prayer Members would love to pray with you in person immediately at the end of each service. Prayer locations are different at each campus.

For your privacy:

  • ONLY our Prayer Members and Church Staff/Pastors will receive your prayer requests;
  • Your prayer requests will NOT be posted in any form to be read by our general congregation.

    We have Prayer Members at each Saddleback Church campus who have a passion to pray for others. Opportunities to help with Prayer may differ at each campus. Scroll to the bottom of the page and SELECT YOUR CAMPUS and then click “Join Ministry” to sign up. Minimum requirements: Complete CLASS 101, complete all requirements for Church Membership, and complete CLASS 201.