An Unlikely Invitation

12/03/2015 .
Saddleback Storytelling Ministry

God will use anything he can to get someone's attention. In fact, in Buenos Aires, he used trash. On a day just like any other, Joel Perez went about his job in a local recycling company. He was feeling hopeless and unfulfilled by his work and his life. Little did he know, his work at the recycling plant was the very thing God would use to give him new direction and hope.

As Joel sorted through the recyclables, a paper hit his leg. He picked it up, and what he saw caught his attention. One of Saddleback’s fliers for its campus in Buenos Aires had made its way through the trash and into his hands. He was intrigued by the words he saw on the flier; “A church for people who don’t like church.” But he put the flier in his pocket without any concrete plans to visit the church.

One weekend a few months later, Joel found the flier in his room and decided it was time for him to visit the church. Despite some challenges and obstacles, he made it to Saddleback that Sunday. He was surprised by the energy, joy, and life he saw in the people. Joel couldn’t believe a local church could offer so much to people. After joining the church, he began serving others on the weekend — helping in student ministries and the worship team.

Joel’s life-changing experience has impacted his family as well. His younger brother and sister now join him on the weekends at church. Through Saddleback Buenos Aires, he has found a connection with Jesus and a sense of purpose that not only fulfills him, but is changing the future for his family.

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