Transition: Where do I go from here?

09/20/2017 .
Kaylee Reed  .  Saddleback Singles Leadership Team

Transition is a natural part of life, but it is not always a welcomed one. In fact, many times going into a new season can seem daunting and uncomfortable. There are many questions that we do not know the answer to, and oftentimes we are left feeling alone, confused, and stuck. It is important to remember in this time of transition, that great things happen when we are out of our comfort zone and living a life of daring faith!

I recently graduated from college, and the last few months have been an adjustment. In just a few short weeks, I went from attending school full time and living in an apartment on campus with friends, to moving back in with my parents and working a 9-5 job. While this has all been a major blessing, I can’t help but feel like I’m in an awkward stage in my life where I don’t know where I belong. I am not a college student anymore, but I also do not feel like society has allowed me to take on the title of “adult” quite yet. My mind is constantly being bombarded with thoughts of my future, what it should look like and where I should be.

People told me that I would find my spouse in college, and now that I graduated and am still single, what does that mean for my future? Where will I find my husband now? Should I move out? Now that I am officially graduated, does that mean I need to start making grocery lists, financial budgets, and collecting coupons? It is easy to become weary and overwhelmed when thinking of all these things, but I want to encourage you to take heart! God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has an amazing plan for your life, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is a great reminder that while we may be unclear of what is happening or what is to come, if we stay close to the Father, He will guide our steps.

“The Lord himself will lead you and be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you, so do not lose courage or be afraid.” Deuteronomy 31:8 

There are three things God has been showing me in this time of transition:

  1. Be intentional. Church is not just about showing up once a week. During seasons of transition you can use your time intentionally to figure out what you are passionate about and join a ministry. When you use your God-given talents to help others, you often learn more about yourself. It’s crazy how much the burdens and struggles in life seem smaller when your focus is on helping and loving others. You will begin to get a better perspective on your life, and I promise you that great joy will fill your spirit when you are selflessly giving your time to serve a greater purpose other than yourself.
  2. Be social. This one is key! You were not created to do life alone. Let me say that again: you were not created to do life alone! Transition can often lead to the sense of loneliness. Joining a ministry or a small group is a great way to meet other people, share the burdens and joys of your heart, and be encouraged in your walk with Christ. When you have people along side you to keep you accountable, you are less likely to stumble; but when you do fall, you can remain confident in knowing that you have surrounded yourself with people who will lift you up.
  3. Be consistent. In this stage of life it is easy to be flaky and uncommitted. Do not start these unhealthy habits! This chapter should be an exciting time where you are taking risks, trying new things, and being bold, but it is also a time where you need to be creating healthy habits that will set you up for a successful future and lifetime. (Enter grocery lists, financial budgets, and coupons.) Additionally, this means you need to be consistently learning, growing, and reading the Bible. Passionately pursue Christ by having a daily quiet time where you are getting to know your Creator. This time of transition will teach you a lot, so make sure you’re taking notes.

If you are feeling like you don’t fit in, are unsure of the next steps to take with your job or relationship, or if you are like me, and you are just trying to figure out how to adjust in a new role, I want you to know that there is always hope. Hebrews 13:8 says that, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” You will go through changes, but His Word and promises never falter.

Get uncomfortable! Take the step you have been too afraid to make. Stop letting fear of change and the unknown keep you from going through the transition you know needs to happen.

Be encouraged, friends!