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Tests of Faith

When we’re in a valley, it’s tough to see the light in the midst of the shadows. We often feel alone and even lost at times, but there’s comfort in knowing that God walks with us through the temporary darkness. In fact, there’s a divine purpose in us being in the valley, whether it’s to learn patience, grow in our spiritual journey, or experience God’s power. In this message at Saddleback Church, Lee Strobel joins Pastor Tom Holladay in talking about lessons in the valley and how trials can ultimately strengthen our faith.

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Don’t Forget to Spring Forward!
Living in the Goodness of God – Part 7
Tom Holladay and Lee Strobel
March 11, 2017

Action Plan: Go back and watch the message from the March 5, 2017, “The God of My Valleys.” Share this message with somebody and be open to conversation with them about it.

Action Plan: Read Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Christ.  If you’ve read it before, think of somebody who may not know Jesus and give them a copy of the book.

Action Plan: Do you have a mentor? Ask somebody older than you, that you know and respect as a follower of Christ, to mentor you in the Christian walk.

Action Plan: Mark your calendars for Night of Worship this Thursday night, March 16. For more info go to  

Living in the Goodness of God
January 29 - June 11, 2017Watch Series
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    March 11, 2017
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    March 19, 2017
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