Leaders for Manila, Español, South Bay

04/23/2017 .
Saddleback Church

In our commitment to Daring Faith, our members are filling God’s house with thousands of new worshipers at our weekend services. Part of meeting this goal means growing through dedicated leadership of our campus pastors who are committed to helping build God’s kingdom.

Closing out last month was a special commissioning of three new campus pastors and their wives including Matt Hall leading South Manila, Fernando Lammoglia leading Saddleback en Español, and Sam Yoon leading South Bay.

Praying for protection and guidance over their ministries was Teaching Pastor, Tom Holladay who asked that God would bless them and their families in their great adventure of faith.

During the intimate staff meeting, Pastor Matt Hall and his wife Natalie shared how their calling to South Manila began 40 years ago. You can read their powerful story and their vision for the campus HERE.

Opening up about their own journey were Fernando and his wife Celsa, who said God was moving in their lives long before they committed to launch Saddleback en Español. “We were praying that God would take us to our next step in ministry,” Fernando explains. “California was a new direction and a huge step of faith, but we knew that God was clearly calling us to Saddleback.”

In this move to reach the Spanish-speaking community, Fernando says he is continually praying for health—in their lives and in the birth of the new campus. Read their full interview HERE.

Before stepping into the role of South Bay campus pastor, Sam Yoon and his wife Grace fasted and prayed about making the decision. With a history of juggling jobs, Sam says the one thing he was always passionate about was serving in the church. “I’ve now been in ministry for 12 years and I know this is who I am and this is what I love to do.”

Taking over for interim pastors, Pete Sung and Kyle Cleavland, Sam is excited and humbled by the experience. He adds, “When I got to the campus and met the staff and volunteers, I instantly feel in love with their hearts and passion. Grace and I are embracing this together and are seeing something special happen.”

Already Sam has created a 90-day plan to grow and transform the campus. His focus is on reaching the city through warm and authentic love, and to see people healed from addiction, broken marriages, and pain. “I want to live out God’s purpose and passion,” Sam says, “and I want the campus to be a refuge that can heal the city.” Check out Sam’s heartfelt interview by clicking HERE.

To connect with these new campus pastors, check out their locations by visiting www.saddleback.com/locations.