Move in Faith, Not in Sight

08/30/2017 .
Saddleback Church
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. —Hebrews 11:1

What happens when God asks you to do something that scares you—something so frightening that you are overcome with doubt and fear that you’ll fail? You do it anyway! Faith is about taking that first step rather than waiting for God to act. Once you do, the Holy Spirit releases his power to bring healing, hope, and transformation. God waits for you to move in faith, not sight, regardless of your fears and feelings.

What is God asking you to do that you haven’t done yet? WATCH Pastor Rick’s 60-second message on how to boldly live in faith.

For over two years, Saddleback Church has been on a Daring Faith journey, with members responding in powerful and significant ways. It has been incredible to see what God has done through the faithfulness and selflessness of our church family.

When it comes to stepping out in Daring Faith, Saddleback Hong Kong showed true courage despite the risks. Their obedience to hearing God’s call resulted in helping FILL GOD’S HOUSE, the “F” initiative of our five FAITH goals.

Saddleback Hong Kong’s Miracle Through the Storm


It all started early morning on July 23 when Hong Kong was hit by a category eight typhoon. With this news, Saddleback Hong Kong announced worship service would be canceled. Yet through the storm, God had bigger plans than anyone could have ever imagined. With the entire staff huddled together, they had the idea to host a service on Facebook Live. Their immediate Daring Faith decision to “GO!” resulted in record-breaking online views for their campus, and a boost in weekly attendance that is still on the rise. READ this incredible story of how God turned a storm into a miracle.

A Daring Faith Move for Corona

SB Corona New Property[QRwY].png

Saddleback’s Corona campus has found a new home! Their efforts to locate a new facility has been a top priority since Corona Pastor, Rob Fultz first stepped into the leadership role. They prayed faithfully, drove hundreds of miles, toured more than 40 properties, and believed wholeheartedly that when God created the wave, they would paddle and try to catch it. That time has finally arrived for them to ride the wave and open the doors to a new facility this coming fall. CLICK HERE to read all about this Daring Faith move and how you can be part of the process to support a campus that will impact more people for Christ.

Saddleback San Diego Unveils Mid-Week Ministry Space

Saddleback- 104.jpg

One way we help fill God’s house is by engaging the community through an approachable atmosphere, attractive facilities, and a friendly environment. Setting the stage for this connection to God and one another are our common areas like ministry offices that express an open invitation to be part of the Saddleback family. Saddleback San Diego is the latest campus to unveil new facilities through Daring Faith contributions and volunteer support. On August 22, less than one year after the campus launched, they opened a new midweek ministry office space, dubbed “The Exchange,” to be used for meetings, CLASS, and community outreach. LEARN MORE about the stunning Del Mar facility that will be used as training headquarters, a communal workspace, and a place where people can learn and grow in Christ.

Interview with Santosh Swamidass, Campus Pastor of Saddleback Yorba Linda


On December 3rd, we’ll be launching our 19th campus, Saddleback Yorba Linda! As we continue to grow our church family, we’re leaning heavily on God’s direction and the shepherding of our campus pastors. Among them is Santosh Swamidass, who will be serving as the new campus pastor of Saddleback Yorba Linda. CLICK HERE  to find out how he was called to lead the new campus, and how God has been preparing him for the role for over 20 years. You’ll also learn Pastor Santosh’s short-term goals, his long-term vision, and how you can be part of impacting the Yorba Linda community.

One of our five Daring Faith goals is to ASSIST 250,000 PEOPLE IN NEED through Local PEACE, which serves our communities and works directly in neighborhoods to share God’s love. There’s no better example of doing just that than the launch of RISE Academy.

RISE Academy Launched out of Daring Faith

Over two years ago, RISE Academy in Compton was birthed out of our Daring Faith campaign, with help from over 900 volunteers who fulfilled the vision. In January 2017, we shared the story of how 60 members from four Saddleback campuses participated in a workday at RISE in celebration of the school’s one-year anniversary. Today, the school has grown from 15 students to 25, all because the sacrifice of our members who came together to impact the lives of children and families. WATCH this video about how your Daring Faith sacrifice helped build RISE Academy, and what you can do to help serve at this ongoing Local PEACE mission project.

HIV&AIDS Initiative Partners with Motel Ministry

Through a partnership with our Motel Ministry, Saddleback’s HIV&AIDS Initiative was able to provide members of the community with free HIV testing. Administered by trained volunteers, this act of compassion was part of the weekly church service available for transitional homeless and working poor. READ the remarkable story of how 80% of those who attended underwent testing, and how you can be part of this powerful ministry.


Month after month, our tech, video, and web teams are working behind the scenes to help meet our Daring Faith “I” goal of INTERCONNECTING OUR GROWING FELLOWSHIP THROUGH NEW TECHNOLOGIES. One of their biggest works in progress will impact you!

Saddleback Hong Kong Tests New Church Management System


Right now, the Saddleback Tech Team is developing a new church management system that will support process (workflow), design (user experience), platform (mobile) and technical architecture (cloud infrastructure) for all backend operations of the church. Ultimately it will help ease process of engaging members, building ministries, facilitating volunteers, and so much more.

To streamline the management system, the program is being alpha tested at Saddleback Hong Kong. Not only has Campus Pastor Stephen Lee embraced the challenge, but he has provided invaluable insight and feedback to the team, which in turn will make the final production release version that much better. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this new church management system that will connect our growing fellowship and streamline communication and process.

Celebrate Recovery Summit West Trains 3,500 Leaders

CR Saddleback church Aug 2017 545.jpg

Kicking off the month was Celebrate Recovery Summit West, held at our Lake Forest campus. For three days, Celebrate Recovery leaders from around the country, as well as our own Saddleback members and staff, were trained and equipped in this powerful ministry. Every year, the event draws more people who want to gain tools to share the biblical, 12 step program. This growing demand for training is helping Saddleback achieve our Daring Faith goal to TRAIN 25% OF OUR MEMBERS TO BE GLOBAL LEADERS IN THE CHURCH AND MINISTRY. READ how Saddleback’s own Celebrate Recovery team found encouragement by interacting with regional leaders, learned new teaching techniques, and experienced their own life change.

Kids Small Groups Leader Training

From August 29–30, Saddleback Kids hosted their annual Kids Small Groups Leader Training. Kids Small Groups (KSG) is the midweek discipleship program for Saddleback Kids that helps them grow in faith and build lifelong relationships with their peers and leaders. If you want to help children connect with God and others through weekly small groups, visit

PEACE Leader Training

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.15.17 PM.png

Saddleback’s Global PEACE and Purpose Driven teams are making tremendous strides in HELPING TAKE THE GOOD NEWS TO THE LAST 3,000 UNREACHED TRIBES. From August 29–31, they hosted PEACE Leader Training at Saddleback’s Rancho Capistrano Retreat Center. In attendance were 27 delegates from 14 churches, and four countries including the U.S., Indonesia, Cameroon, and Jordan.

The training covered an overview of the PEACE Plan and how to implement it through foundation, mobilization, transformation, and expansion. This practical seminar equipped delegates with tools to set up the PEACE Plan in their home churches to make a global impact and reach unengaged people of the world. To be part of this Daring Faith goal, and grow in faith like never before, click HERE.


Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Daring Faith. YOU are the reason we can make a difference through these five God-inspired goals. HERE is just one story that represents hundreds of lives that are being transformed because of your sacrifice.

To start giving to Daring Faith, make changes to your commitment, or simply learn more about how Saddleback is making a difference around the world, visit