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Exercise For Spiritual Fitness

Physical fitness is important, but did you know your spiritual fitness is even more crucial to your success? Keeping spiritually fit benefits your marriage, career, and overall success in life. In this message, Pastors Rick Warren and Tom Holladay celebrate 45,000 baptisms at Saddleback Church by teaching Exercises for Spiritual Fitness. You’ll discover the ten habits you need to stay spiritually strong, giving you a healthier mindset, better relationships, and the strength to live out your full potential.

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Rick Warren & Tom Holladay
October 8-9, 2016

ACTION PLAN: Start your Spiritual Fitness Plan by picking at least one exercise from the list below that you believe will most help your spiritual growth. Find a partner who will help you stick to your plan. Use a calendar for planning and a notebook for recording your experiences.

If you have not taken Classes 101, 201, 301, and 401, sign up this week for the next offering at your campus. If it's been awhile since you've taken them, think about going through them again.

Exercise 1: GOD'S PROMISES— Use an online Concordance (ex. Blueletterbible) to select three verses related to "assurance." Write them on a 3"x5" card and post them where you can read and memorize them.

Exercise 2: BEING BAPTISED Prayerfully consider making a public declaration of your commitment to Jesus. Ask somebody at your campus when the next opportunity is to get baptized.

Exercise 3: WEEKLY WORSHIP Make a commitment to attend the same service time each weekend. Meet at least one new person at your service every week.

Exercise 4: PRAYER— Memorize these four short prayers for you to go to throughout your day:
"I'm depending on You."
"Give me wisdom."
"Thank You."|

Exercise 5: SMALL GROUP FELLOWSHIP — There is no set format for small groups. Look for opportunities to start or join a group at work, at your gym … anywhere you have interests in common with others.

Exercise 6: STUDYING THE BIBLE Commit to a specific time and place to spend time with God's Word. Write these into your calendar and try sticking with it at least a whole week.

Exercise 7: SERVING OTHERS — Saddleback has hundreds of ministry opportunities to serve in. Find one that draws your heart and start serving. Go to to see some of the ministry opportunities.

Exercise 8: REGULAR GIVING — Start giving back to God what is his and set up a regular tithe. Either commit to tithing with the offering envelope on the weekend or give online at

Exercise 9: TAKINGRISKS — Journal about a time that you stepped out in faith. Use this as a reminder of God's faithfulness and have the faith to take risks for the Lord again.

Exercise 10: TELLING OTHERS — Start by making a list of people that you want to share the Gospel with. Pray for them, then look for an opportunity to have a conversation with them about what God has done in your life. You are not selling; you are sharing!

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